Septic Tank Repair

We repair and service septic tanks that are not functioning properly. Call 086 385 8358 or 0749124618 for a quick quote on septic tank repairs.

septic tank repair

Causes of Septic Tank Faults

If you are experiencing bad smells or find ponds of water around your septic tank and percolation area, it may be caused by a fault in your septic tank.

Over time, septic tanks can crack from frost and deterioration over time. As a result, they can leak and cause a health an safety concern for you and your family and also cause and environmental risks.

Blockages can also occur in the percolation area which can cause your tank not to function properly.

If you think your septic tank needs to be repaired, get in touch with us.

Septic Tank Repairs We Carry Out

We provide a range of waste water treatment tank repairs depending on the size of the problem. We ensure our customers that we provide  a quick and hassle free repair service with minimal disruption to our customers.

Our technicians will first assess your septic tank to identify what the problem is with the unit. You will then be informed with the best solution to your problem. Your tank might only need to be emptied and desludged.

We will carry out the work required to have your waste water treatment system functioning properly again. We will test the system to ensure it operating as it should.

We provide our customers a quality assured service to our customers.

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